Feeling hungry

My medication has the tendency to make me hungry a lot of the time, so I find it really hard not to constantly snack. It’s just one of the many battles I’m trying to combat in order to get healthier.

Right now I am feeling extremely hungry as I have been doing my utmost not to snack throughout the day. I’m planning on making a healthy dinner once I finish work, I’m thinking steamed fish and vegetables with potatoes. Then myself along with my husband and three dogs will go for a walk at a country park. I’m going to test out an app to record the route, steps and distance of my walks on my phone. If it works I will post my results on my blog as a tool to keep track of my progress.

At the moment my mood is low due to my bipolar, I am struggling to stay stable and so the temptation to over eat junk food is high, as this is my usual coping strategy. I am fighting this temptation with as much determination as I can muster.

6 thoughts on “Feeling hungry

  1. I suffer from stress eating. With my racing heart, I cannot do too much cardio so walking is the only option now for me. Even that is becoming an issue with my plantar fasciitis. It can be frustrating to want to lose weight and climbing an uphill battle.


  2. I have the same issue with medication. I’ve been attending to loose weight every since my third surgery for tumors. It’s so hard to get health and stay healthy when your on a boatload of meds.


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