Daily Living With Fibromyalgia

It’s been almost two years now since I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia, although I was suffering the symptoms long before that. It was somewhat of a relief to receive a diagnosis, but also extremely confusing and frightening.

Since my diagnosis, it has taken me a long while to come to terms with the fact that this will be a chronic illness, something I will have to deal with daily as well as my bipolar disorder, and that there is no cure.

There are methods of treatment and support out there, but for myself, I chose not to take medication for a number of reasons. I was offered various antidepressants, but these aren’t really an option for me as I have set medication for my bipolar disorder, and this could interrupt my already existing medications. I was also offered strong painkillers of various kinds which I chose not to take for two reasons: one I feel that I already have enough strong chemicals going into my body with my bipolar medicines and two they may not help and may have side effects, which are also something I already deal with!

I am trying to get on with my daily life the best way I can. I am trying to eat in a more healthy way and I am trying to exercise more when I am able. I am reaching out for help when I need it from my wonderful support system which I feel lucky to have. I attempting to lose weight in order to make my body fitter and more mobile. I try to learn to work around the illness, to use aids when I need them, to take rests when I need them, and to push through it when I can. Most importantly I feel,  I do my utmost to maintain a positive attitude throughout it all. I feel I am a warrior as many of us are, and I won’t be beaten by the illness. It may have to be part of my daily life, but I refuse to give in. I will give it my all, and find ways to work around it but not let it stop me from achieving my goals in life.

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