Reducing Medications and An Update

Hi all.

Today consisted of a visit to my psychiatrist which went as well as it can, I think. She’s a good one, and I’m blessed to have her. It’s hard to find good doctors in the mental health profession and I feel I have a good relationship with her.

She listens to me and doesn’t talk down to me; we come up with treatment plans together and discuss issues, and I would take her recommendations into account because of this.

Together we have decided to begin reducing one of my medications, this is my mood stabilizer, Quetiapine. I’m pleased about the decision as my aim is to be on the lowest therapeutic doses of my medications possible for me to remain stable.

The coming week could be challenging as my mood has been low lately and the reduction in medication could result in some withdrawls, and is a big change for me as I’ve been on the current dose for a year at least. I’m optimistic about how it will go and will remain focused on the end goal.

In regards to my pain, I’ve been finding it hard to function the last week or so which is why there haven’t been any updates in regards to my walks, as I’ve been resting or using my mobility scooter. Tonight I hope to take at least a short walk, which I will use my walking app to record.

I’m wishing anyone who is reading this a pleasant day and lots of happiness.


Author: myfitnessjourneywithfibro

Hi all. I am 31 years old, I suffer with bipolar disorder, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am a warrior, I am determined, I will not be beaten! This is my journey to change things, to overcome, to get fitter!

5 thoughts on “Reducing Medications and An Update”

  1. much success to you on the reduction of seroquel. I was on it for years and when weening off of it, I had withdrawl symptoms. I hope that is not the case for you, because it was awful for me.


      1. To be fair, I had trouble with withdral after I was off of it. While I was tirating I had no issues.
        Good luck!


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