Heat, A flare and A Horrible Neighbour

Hi all.

I haven’t written on my blog for a while because the heat has been causing my fibromyalgia to flare majorly. I haven’t been able to walk much or work on my fitness, but I have been trying to stay positive and get out there on my mobility scooter, and do bits and bobs when I’m able.

I always try to plod along and keep going, I just do whatever I feel able to do and try to push myself a little bit but not too much. It’s a hard balance to strike I feel. My dogs do keep me going, they give me reasons to get out there and to keep moving forward.

I was doing well with my mental health despite my flare, until we had some issues with a horrible neighbour who was awful to my husband and myself. As a result my mood took a major dip. My husband took a couple of days off work as I needed him around, but since then I have been able to pull it back and start to get the mood to rise a little bit. It’s gradually going in the right direction which is a great thing, I was worried it would be a full blown depressive episode.

In conclusion things have been a bit tough, but I’m doing my best to stay as positive as possible as I always do. I won’t give in to it, I will keep going.

I hope anyone who reads this is doing well, know that you are worthy, beautiful, strong and you can get through anything.



Author: myfitnessjourneywithfibro

Hi all. I am 31 years old, I suffer with bipolar disorder, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am a warrior, I am determined, I will not be beaten! This is my journey to change things, to overcome, to get fitter!

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