For A Fellow Spoonie

Facing the world with limited spoons,
Isn’t the life any of us would choose;
But we make the most of every day,
No matter what is thrown our way.

Every day you do your best,
And this life we lead is a true test;
But you’re getting through it,
You just keep plodding on,
You are beautiful and strong.

Please know that I see you,
I see the wonder in all you do.
I see your strength and your resolve,
I see the way you change and evolve.

For you life is far from simple,
Hours and days can intermingle.
Time is overtaken by pain,
You can feel there’s nothing to gain.

Yet still you keep plodding along,
Ploughing through, finding ways to be strong.
You may waver but never surrender,
This fight is yours in all your splendour.

But please reach out when you need support,
This doesn’t mean you’re falling short.
We all need help from time to time,
To aid us in this long tough climb.

Together we can support one another,
Be one with all our spoonie sisters and brothers.
We can be a team and stand so strong,
We can feel understood and that we truly belong.


Author: myfitnessjourneywithfibro

Hi all. I am 31 years old, I suffer with bipolar disorder, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am a warrior, I am determined, I will not be beaten! This is my journey to change things, to overcome, to get fitter!

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