One Of Those Days

Today is one of those dreaded days. I feel completely fatigued and I am really struggling to work (I work from home which I’m blessed to be able to do but on these days it’s hard to focus).

In my distraction I thought I would do something vaguely productive and try to express this feeling in the hope it might help my mood. My pain level is fairly high and the tiredness is the kind where I can feel it all over my body, in every muscle and part of me.

I have recently given up smoking and this is taking it’s toll, but I’m determined to keep going and not give in. I have a nice big bag of lollypops right next to me. Not so good for my teeth but a better alternative than smoking, and it keeps my mouth and hands busy which helps a little bit.

I’m also on my period, which I’m very grateful for as I’ve had some issues with them, but the cramping isn’t pleasant and seems to be annoying my fibromyalgia. I just feel very unlike myself, very weepy for no apparent reason, and just very weak in general.

Not a very happy post but that’s reality.

I hope anyone reading this is doing well. Much love.

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