A Castle, A Slow Circuit and Some Cute Dogs

Hi all!

This is a walk I did a few nights ago, I’ve been meaning to add the post for a while now but I haven’t been well, as I’m sure most of you understand. The joys of life with chronic illness!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 16.30.07The walk was really pleasant, I took it slow and used my stick for some of it but tried without for a lot of it as it was a rare low pain day. I went with my husband and two of my dogs, leaving our chihuahua behind to nap as it was a little cold and too far for her.

It was a decent circuit through varying terrain. Some gradual slopes I found really hard but managed. I find that when the ground is loose or uneven rather than paved, it’s much harder for me to walk on with my mobility issues and takes a lot more concentration and effort for me. A lot of that is lack of confidence and worrying about falling which I have done in the past. I’m gradually getting better at it the more that I practice and starting to realise that I can do if I take it at my own pace.



The face of finally finding a bench to rest on!

Since I can now add videos which is a great joy as I can share more of my life with you and keep memories of it for myself, as well as track my progress. The one below is a beautiful little old castle which is on the route of our walk, at one of the country parks we often visit. I didn’t have the energy to go looking around inside, but next time maybe I will.


The following clip was hard for me to watch because I hadn’t seen myself walking since I’ve become ill, gained weight and since my mobility declined. I know how hard walking feels for me, but seeing how hard it is was tough. I include it to show the reality of chronic illness even on a good day; if I am functioning that day, going out for walks, getting on with my day, every aspect of living with a chronic illness is difficult and I don’t want to skip over that. I want to show the reality even if it isn’t pretty. I hope to be able to show my progress with these kinds of videos too as I become fitter.

(I do apologise I can’t figure out how to flip it the right way up, I hope you can get the idea anyway).


To end on a lighter note, I simply had to include this short clip of my Springer Spaniel Phoebe because she’s just simply adorable.


Of course, we couldn’t leave the darling Tootsie my Pomeranian out, so I included some adorable pictures of her enjoying her walk.








Much love to you all.

x x x

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