Bipolar Type 2

Hi All!

Things have been up and down lately but overall I feel as though I’m coping pretty well. I have been struggling with some new symptoms of dizziness, headaches and blurry vision. I’m in the middle of waiting to see what is causing it, there are a few possibilities from the doctor.

I’ve also been having some really heavy and difficult periods. I didn’t have periods for a long while due to my weight and now that I am trying to lose weight, get fitter and be healthier in general, they are coming back. In the process of them coming back though, they have been all over the place so that has been eventful. I’m hoping with some time they will settle down more.

In other news, I finally got a number to go with my bipolar disorder at my most recent physiatrist appointment. I didn’t think I would be bothered because the diagnosis of bipolar disorder has been with me for years now and has been definite, so I thought when they finally added a number to it I wouldn’t be affected, especially because I was pretty certain I knew which number it was going to be from my symptoms. However, it made me feel a bit strange seeing Bipolar Type 2 there in writing.

The blogging with Psych Central is going really well, I’m getting good traffic and I am enjoying it. I’m also enjoying running my Etsy shop even though it’s a very small venture. Every time I send out a parcel or make something for someone, I put so much love into it and all my positive thoughts, and just really hope it will make someone smile or feel a little better even if only for a moment.

I hope you are all well if you’re reading this.

Much love from me.



Author: myfitnessjourneywithfibro

Hi all. I am 31 years old, I suffer with bipolar disorder, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am a warrior, I am determined, I will not be beaten! This is my journey to change things, to overcome, to get fitter!

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