Our Food Prep Journey

Hi all!

A few weeks ago(I think it’s been about two months now) my husband and I started to do food prep as part of my fitness journey. I have had a really stressful few weeks so I haven’t had time to write about it until now, but things are beginning to settle down so I thought I’d take some time to blog about it.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-06 at 13.30.05I had been researching food prep for a while and decided it would suit our lifestyle, and to give it a try basically! I can honestly say I am so glad I did. After trying so many different ways to eat healthily, this is the best one I have found that suits our day to day life and our budget.

We do our shopping each weekend either online or make a list if heading to the shops, so that we don’t end up buying more than we need or spending more than we need. We figure out what we’re going to cook or prepare for the week and get only what is required; this is great for the bank account, especially if we keep meals healthy but as simple as possible. Learning to simplify meals is one of the things I’ve learnt along the way with this food prepping journey. We’ve almost managed to cut our food budget in half this way.

We get home and as a team, we prepare and cook all of our meals, portion them up into WhatsApp Image 2018-12-06 at 13.30.03microwave, fridge, dishwasher and freezer safe food prep containers, leave them to cool and put them in the fridge. There we have it, our meals for the week. I’m not the greatest cook in the world but it doesn’t have to be difficult and include lots of ingredients, you don’t even have to have specific recipes. You can make the meals what you like, as easy or as complicated as would suit you, whatever feels right for you and your family.

My husband gets home from work late usually and I tend to finish work around the same time, so we don’t have that much time free at night. We have a lot of animals and usually walk our dogs together at night and then feed all of the troops and clean out the little ones (guinea pigs and rabbit). This takes most of our night. Cooking would take a big chunk of that, this way our meals are ready and we can just pick what we want, quickly heat it up and eat when it suits both of us. I’m finding it so time efficient.

My husband takes his lunches to work with him, keeping him from buying an unhealthy lunch and spending more money during his working day. I work from home so am able to get my lunch from the fridge when I’m ready.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-06 at 13.29.16It’s great for portion control as that is one of the things that I tend to struggle with the most: our portion is already measured out and ready for each meal. I find this much easier to stick to. One of our biggest faults with our eating habits is getting takeaways for easiness or because we are too tired or can’t be bothered to cook, particularly if I’m having a bad day with my mood or with my chronic illness; this solves that problem because we have a perfectly healthy meal right there waiting that literally takes a couple of minutes to heat up.

I can see how it wouldn’t work for everyone, but for our life it seems to be fitting in amazingly well, giving us healthy, home cooked and well-proptioned meals, more time to do other things at night, keeping us on track even when things are hectic and I am feeling unwell and being budget friendly.  Don’t get me wrong if I’m feeling really low I still have treats like the odd takeaway or cake! Food, unfortunately, is a great comfort to me if I’m having a hard time as I have been lately.

In the future, I might start blogging about what I make each week so that people can get an idea of meals and how easy it can be, as well as some tips I’m picking up along the way. It’s definitely a learning progress and I am really starting to get into the swing of it now.

Thanks so much to anyone who has read this and I hope you’re well!

Much love xx

8 thoughts on “Our Food Prep Journey

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on holiday healthy eating tips as well as following. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Congrats to you and your husband for undertaking food prep like this, Sounds like you have a couple of very busy schedules. You are wise to prepare your own foods. This will leap frog you over all of the problems with processed foods. Best of luck!

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