Chaos And The Campervan Crew: Episode One


Our campervan Myrtle

Our first trip in Myrtle the campervan was around Loch Lomond, we planned three nights and four very full days. We packed up on a Sunday morning bright and early, and our learning curve started straight away figuring out how to get the cushions on the passenger seats fixed in place while moving so the dogs didn’t slip off (they were attached in with seatbelts don’t worry).

When we started driving initially my husband got used to driving the campervan within the first 20 minutes or so; he has driven bigger vehicles in the past so it wasn’t too big of a stretch for him.

Iain in drivers seat

Iain in the driver’s seat

I, however, felt really quite nervous because the van makes a lot of noise, it sways a fair amount more than being in the car and I was tense the whole first day while we were moving. It took me until the middle of the second day to fully relax, but once I did I felt fantastic. The dogs were all fairly worried at first with the van but quickly settled in, all except for our pomeranian who wasn’t scared but decided it would be fun to keep trying to get out her harness. Fun and games, chaos indeed.

The first night: right on the loch

The first day we went straight to the campsite after packing up, and deciding to just settle up there so we could get used to the electrics, find our way around the rest of the van and get comfortable.

Our campsite was a beautiful one in the forest, and we had a select pitch literally right onto a tiny pebble beach and the loch, with nothing between us. This made for truly stunning views but unfortunately the weather was rather windy, so it also made for the van rocking about quite a bit: another lesson learnt. Next time I would get a space further back from the loch.

loch view day 1

Our very windy loch view

The campsite link:

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Views: 10/10 Beautiful right on the loch
  • Location: 9/10 Right in the forest, walks nearby, close to local attractions
  • Facilities: 8/10 Toilets and showers were nice and nearby, clean and pleasant
  • Staff: 7/10 Only met one, but friendly and nice, fairly helpful
  • Price: 8/10Good for what is provided
  • Would we go back? Yes we would, it was a beautiful place and the site was nice.
me and camper

Me and Myrtle

Once we were settled and had the electric sorted out we went for a wander around the campsite which was beautiful, and we all thoroughly enjoyed.

me and dogs on beach

Me and the crew by the beach

campsite beach day 1

The beach at the campsite

After the walk, we enjoyed some games of cards, lots of snuggles in blankets and family time.

playing cards iain

Playing cards

We brought a big duvet and a little oil radiator and we all piled into the bed that first night; it was very cosy and warm despite the wind rocking us, and we slept fairly well until one of the dogs woke us in the morning.

The second day: a busy but beautiful one

The second day we set off from the campsite early and decided we were going to stop at lots some places on route to our next campsite, to really make the most of it.

We first stopped at a place called Balmaha, where there was a beautiful forest walk. We got to let the dogs off the lead (our chihuahua never gets off lead unless we’re enclosed as she is a rescue and has problems with other dogs), and they fully enjoyed the forest. We had a little snack on a beautiful picnic bench then we were off to our next stop.

Phoebe balmaha

Phoebe running around the forest

toots balmaha

Tootsie resting after running around the forest

me and princess selfie balmaha

Snuggles in the forest

Next we went to a little hidden beach on the Lake of Menteith, which we found in a book that I got my husband for Christmas about hidden countryside spots, and what a view it was! There wasn’t much to do there just a look at the view but it was well worth the trip.

lake m

Lake of Menteith

lake m 2

Lake of Menteith View 2

lake m 3

The crew at the Lake of Menteith

lake m 4

Me and the dogs at the lake

After that, we headed to our campsite to check in and had a lovely picnic out in the sun (our chihuahua had a blanket wrapped around her of course because she is a princess).


Tootsie at our picnic

picnic princess.jpeg

Princess in her picnic blanket

picnic selfie

Picnic selfie with the chihuahua

The campsite was beautiful and such lovely staff, I would definitely go back there again. It even had an enclosed dog walk and nature trail for the dogs to be off lead, which we made the most of after our lunch. Even little Princess was able to get off lead for a while.

Campsite link:

  • Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Views: 9/10 Beautiful surroundings, pretty site
  • Location: 9/10 Walks onsite and nearby, close to local attractions, pubs, shops and villages and forest parks, dog walk and field on site, something for everyone
  • Facilities: 10/10 Toilets and showers were clean and really lovely; nicest shower I’ve had at a campsite (I’ve been camping a lot just always in a tent previously)
  • Staff: 10/10 So friendly, welcoming, chatty and extremely helpful.
  • Price: 10/10 Well worth the price, not too expensive at all.
  • Would we go back? Yes without a doubt, we will be regulars

After the nature walk we headed along the road to Aberfoyle, where we went on a walk along the river which was beautiful. After that followed a journey to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, where we did a hike and had a wonderful time in such beautiful surroundings.

By the time we headed back to the campsite that night we were all exhausted. We all ate and headed off for an early night.

Princess snuggled

Sleepy snuggles

The third day: a very challenging walk

The next day we were up and out early once again and headed off on our journey along a rather windy one track road (thank goodness I was more comfortable in the van by then); it was very bumpy and a bit worrisome at times because of traffic coming the other way, but a stunning drive.

At the end of the road we came to a hotel car park and the start of the Rob Roy Way, which my husband had wanted to walk to get to Rob Roy’s Cave. What a chaotic walk that was. It was described as tough in the book but none of us realised we would be clambering over boulders and trees and up steep climbs; I was so proud of myself because I did almost all of it. So did Princess!

rob roy.jpeg

Rob Roy Way

rob roy 2

One of the views at the top of the climb

You should have seen some of the faces of the other kitted out hikers when they saw me with my walking stick coming up over the hills with a tiny little chihuahua scrambling over boulders with such confidence in front of me. What a motley crew we must have looked like in comparison, but what fun we had. I kept going to lift little Princess and Tootsie up, but they were determined to do it themselves and their tails were wagging the whole time.

Myself and the two little ones got to a point near the cave where we couldn’t manage any further, so we found a rock to sit on and parked up while my husband and our springer spaniel went the rest of the way.

rob roy 4

Us waiting for the hubby and springer to return

It was quite the experience and I was proud of us all, as we’re not used to walks like that. Afterwards, none of us were really up to much else so we had some lunch and then headed off to our next campsite, stopping at the odd viewpoint along the way.

The final campsite was simple and not much, but nice enough and had all we needed. We didn’t arrive til dark so we headed to bed not long after we had all eaten.

Campsite link:

  • Overall Rating: 6/10
  • Views: 2/10 Not really any views
  • Location: 6/10 There’s not much to see or do in the village, but it’s close to the west highland way and other villages, sites and attractions
  • Facilities: 6/10 Toilets and showers were clean and decent, no handwash provided
  • Staff: 7/10 Friendly, cheerful and helpful staff
  • Price: 5/10 We paid the same price as our favourite campsite and that had much more to offer
  • Would we go back? No, it served us well for something basic but if we wanted something basic again, would go for something with a lower price.
sleepy toots

Sleepy Tootsie after our big walk

sleepie phoebe

Even the springer spaniel was exhausted!

The final day: a short one and home to nap

After the busy day we had the day before, I wasn’t up to doing much on our final day so we just started a slow but scenic drive home. We stopped at a viewpoint to watch some people going out on boats and had some cake.

We stopped at a beautiful place for a little walk, and I mean a very little one but it was fun and a very pretty place, the dogs loved it.

potter last day

Selfie on our potter

potter 3.jpeg

Beautiful little rocky beach

Then we headed home and by the time we were unpacked, we were all ready for a nap. It was a wonderful trip and we all are looking forward to the next one.

5 thoughts on “Chaos And The Campervan Crew: Episode One

  1. Sounds like a great trip and thanks for sharing the campsite reviews – I’ve made a note of the good ones. Good luck with your challenge, sounds like you’ve made a good start. Thanks for the follow, I am now following your blog too and will be able to keep up with your progress. Happy camping!

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