Something Positive From Loss

Hi all.

It’s been a while as a lot has been going on. I have been doing some guest writing pieces, my most recent was one for the campaign on how we will teach mental health in UK schools, so that was exciting to be a part of.

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Being positive about my body AND trying to lose weight

I am positive about my body AND I’m actively trying to lose weight. I don’t use the phrase ‘body positivity’ specifically because there are so many different definitions of this and people get very wound up about what qualifies as body positivity and whether you are ‘truly’ body positive.

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Bipolar Type 2

Hi All!

Things have been up and down lately but overall I feel as though I’m coping pretty well. I have been struggling with some new symptoms of dizziness, headaches and blurry vision. I’m in the middle of waiting to see what is causing it, there are a few possibilities from the doctor.

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How We Stay Positive (featuring Charlotte Underwood)

Today I have the great honour of having the lovely and talented Charlotte Underwood featuring on my blog. She is someone I greatly admire, she is a fantastic writer and a wonderful mental health advocate. Continue reading “How We Stay Positive (featuring Charlotte Underwood)”

Reducing Medications and An Update

Hi all.

Today consisted of a visit to my psychiatrist which went as well as it can, I think. She’s a good one, and I’m blessed to have her. It’s hard to find good doctors in the mental health profession and I feel I have a good relationship with her.

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