Chaos And The Campervan Crew

Hi all! My very kind mother in law and her very kind partner have allowed us the use of their campervan so that we can go on family holidays; we feel very lucky and blessed because otherwise, we wouldn’t be in the position to do all the exploring that we will be now enabled to do. They have done such a lovely thing for us.

Our campervan’s name is Myrtle and the Campervan Crew consists of myself, my husband (the driver) and our three dogs, Princess (a chihuahua), Tootsie (a pomeranian) and Phoebe (a springer spaniel), and of course given the fact that we’re new to campervanning and we have three dogs and us in a very small space, a fair amount of chaos. I hope you enjoy sharing the journey with us.

UPDATE: Unfortunately our dear Myrtle the campervan has been scrapped because she wasn’t fixable at her MOT, so our campervanning adventures are on hold. We really hope to get out own camper one day, watch this space.

Episode One (Around Loch Lomond): Episode One

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