A Castle, A Slow Circuit and Some Cute Dogs

Hi all!

This is a walk I did a few nights ago, I’ve been meaning to add the post for a while now but I haven’t been well, as I’m sure most of you understand. The joys of life with chronic illness!

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A Walk For Jayne

Yesterday I did a sponsored walk with family and friends for a dear friend that passed away a few months ago to pancreatic cancer. I was already flaring but was determined I was going to do it because it meant so much to me.

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Fox Cubs and Deer

Hi all. This is my latest walk from a couple of nights ago, I’m desperately trying to make them more regular, and will keep updating my progress, but fibromyalgia loves to make that difficult. I keep reminding myself that I’m doing my best, and doing all I can. My determination is strong and I will keep plodding along towards my goals.

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A walk and a healthy dinner

Hi all. Tonight despite my rather high level of pain, I decided I was determined to go out walking with the dogs and my husband. The app I tested out was great and will be the one I use to document all my walks, and hopefully see my progress.

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An evening walk

Tonight we went for a walk with our two biggest dogs at a country park, I didn’t make the full circuit that I wanted to but I can aim for that. I went as far as I felt I could push myself as my pain was quite high.

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